About Us

ARGUS FILMS is an independent documentary films production company. Founded by Carmen Garcia and German Gutierrez in 1988 under the name « Productions du Système D », ARGUS FILMS was later incorporated, in 1991, under its current name. The company was first active from 1988 to 1994. In the following years, both associates were busy with other private companies and with the National Film Board on numerous productions; Carmen Garcia as script writer, director and producer, German Gutierrez as director and photo director. Since 2002, Carmen Garcia has reinitiated production activities within Argus Films.

Our story

Both partners at ARGUS FILMS have been active in the field of documentary films and series production either as producer, directors, script writers and photo director, for the past two decades. In 1989, they decided to make the most of their experience and competence by creating their own business: ARGUS FILMS INC. Since 2002, after a short break of activities on the part of ARGUS FILMS, they have resumed their production and have just completed two full length documentary films that also have a shorter version for television broadcast and an English language version.
Among current projects are two other documentary feature films, one of which is a joint project with the NFB, series projects for television and also a full length fiction film.
These days, ARGUS FILMS is attempting to increase its volume of production; in addition to their own projects, both associates are turning to the creative contributions and services of worthy collaborators to provide them with new material: these research assistants, script writers and directors will add their inputs for the development of a greater number of films or television series each year. This growth objective will always take into account the company’s mission, meanwhile providing the opportunity to diversify its activities without depending too heavily on the funding institutions of the sector.


ARGUS FILMS has received many prizes and honours, both in Quebec and abroad, it is renowned for the expertise of all its collaborators and the quality of its productions; heartily determined to account for life itself, ARGUS FILMS offers an informed analysis on the small and great events that make up our world. Through its productions, ARGUS FILMS intends to challenge the curiosity and awaken the critical sense of its silver screen and TV audiences.